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Design system
that works

Build, prototype and customize any design. Neat and simple, just in minutes

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  • Design

    Create with all required components and styles. There is everything you need

  • Prototype

    Present your work properly. Hover and click, all components are interactive

  • Customize

    Adapt to your style in a few clicks. Smart styles and the atomic build allow

It’s simple

Easy to get started

Connect ready library, drag from the left, edit on the right. No more boring rebuilding of all components

Better to watch on a big screen

Just 3 categories

No dozens of pages for everything

Auto layout

Input any text, resize like you need to

Plenty variants

Get the right variant by a variety of parameters

Ready to interact

Create interactive prototypes

Want to surprise your customer? Turn on the live prototype, hover and click on the components — they responce like on the developed project

Make your style

Customize in a few clicks

Change styles of colors and texts, they are applied globally. Edit parent component — see changes on all its variants, quick and easy as should be

You’ll like it

Tried and trusted by people

Module is tested in real work and updated by feedback

“So powerful while so simple! We integrated and used Module already for several months, which saved me so much time. From new projects, we removed about 3 working days to prepare UI elements. Cool!”

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Tim Panov

Senior Designer at Gamee


“Module is an incredible boost for our workflow. It took several minutes to manage how to connect and use the design system. No more different buttons at projects, questions about hovers, everything runs like clockwork”

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Anastasia Sandoval

Manager at SEO Company


“I tried some UI kits before, they’re so complex with hundreds of useless styles and pages. Module is what I needed for a fast launch. Elementary structure, simple styles, and just three component pages. Thank you!”

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Nicolae Roberts


  • for UI Designers

    Design faster with high quality, and increase your income

  • for UX Designers

    Get a prototype with all clickable components for tests

  • for Managers

    Save time and money on designers and communications

  • for Beginners

    Explore how professional design systems are built and work

  • for Developers

    Сreate neat design on your own, expand your services

  • for Startups

    Build consistent interfaces in a big team, no more mix-ups

So wonderful

All designs turn out great

Made with Module, explore how it looks inside

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Made with love

Why Module?

There are a lot of important features

  • Atomic design

    Made up of well-structured building blocks

  • Flexible layout

    Complete auto layout with a correct response

  • Baseline grid – 4px

    Design pixel-perfect interfaces of any complexity

  • Spacing system

    Colored spacing blocks that you can hide in one click

  • Detailed tutorial

    No need to be a guru, learn how to easily connect and use

  • Free icons and font

    You do not have to purchase additional licenses

Time to connect

Let’s get started

Get Module, connect, save time and money. Profit!

What's inside

  • Figma Design system file
  • 2000+ components and variants
  • Predefined style system
  • Free licensed icons
  • Step-by-step tutorial
  • Use on unlimited projects
  • Friendly support

Module Version 2.1

Access to updates

Get new Module for Figma updates, and of course with new components

Explore updates

One-time payment, updates come to the email

Lifetime license

Commercial license is permanent with an unlimited number of projects

Explore license

Select Corporate if you’re part of the team

$ 68
$ 98

Sale before the update

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There are answers

Connect library, drag from the left, edit on the right

  • Is license lifetime?

    Yes, no matter which update access period you choose. You can use Module in an unlimited number of projects forever.

  • Can I get a discount?

    If you’re a student or a teacher, email us a proof of your occupation. We’ll send you a unique discount code.

  • How to connect Design system?

    Check out our complete tutorial for each step of using the Design system.

    Also, we provide advices in specific cases for our customers. Just get in touch.

  • How can I get updates?

    You will receive updated files by email on the day of an update.

  • How to prolong access from 3 months?

    You don’t need to buy again for the full price. Contact us and you will receive a discount code.

  • Didn’t find an answer?

    Don’t shy, ask your own

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