• Version 2.1
  • 2024 components
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  • Version 2.1

    Added new components. Minor improvements.

    Radio card Stepper Button group Social button
  • Version 2.0

    Reconsidered new Module Design system. More simple with more components, now interactive.

    New Design system Prototyping New components
  • Version 1.5

    New author’s icons, free licensed.

    New Icons
  • Version 1.4

    Update to the new Figma Auto layout.

  • Version 1.3

    Added a new component for creating tables. Minor improvements.

    Table cell
  • Version 1.2

    Added new components. New variants of button, overflow menu, and date picker. Minor improvements.

    Accordion Card Multiselect
  • Version 1.1

    Added new components. More detailed tutorial. Minor improvements.

    Number input Overflow menu
  • Version 1.0

    Module launch. First version of Figma design system.

    Figma Design system
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